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Our vision

The name Tsimoka – pronounced “tsimk” – is the Malagasy word for “sprout”. It stands for our vision to see people grow in creativity, confidence and skills, and also to let trees, plants and flowers sprout in Madagascar.


How it all began

The project started as a dream of ours – the Andriamasy family – being deeply saddened by the extreme poverty in Madagascar, and yet seeing so much potential and opportunity.

We believed that it was possible to find successful, permanent solutions to the problems, primarily by taking care of and multiplying the resources already available.

Now with a team of visionaries both in Madagascar and in Switzerland, we want to see a green country, with a biodiversity that is rich and able to sustain its people. We envision a Madagascar with a thriving economy and a people who have hope and invest in future generations.

Planning Meeting Tsimoka Madagascar
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