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Tsimoka Site in Central Madagascar


Our site is located in Andranomanelatra in central Madagascar. It consists of a main building, several fountains, a forest area and a fruit forest.

Our aim is to equip the people around us, create jobs and take care of nature in a practical way.


Since 2021 we have already planted over 10,000 trees with the help of the local population and various partner organisations! We are delighted to be making a contribution to reforestation in Madagascar and raising awareness of this issue among the population.

We have also started planting fruit trees that will become part of a fruit forest. Fruit forests are an excellent way of producing food sustainably: They maintain soil quality and require little maintenance.

Planting Trees in Madagascar
Planting Trees in Madagascar 2
Training in Sustainable Farming in Madagascar


We invest in local farmers through permaculture and agricultural training. Permaculture is based on the principle of sustainability, where caring for the earth and the people as well as fair working conditions are essential. For us, this is not just about passing on information, but also about cultivating personal relationships.

We also host a variety of workshops for teens, women or events for the local community.


In August 2022, we opened a school for children from the surrounding area who, for various reasons, were unable to attend nearby schools. They are supported not only academically but also in their social skills. It is wonderful to see their growth and joy!
We also employ a cook who prepares nutritious meals for the pupils three times a week.

Tsimoka Primary School in Madagascar
Tsimoka School Canteen

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