Traditional Agriculture in Madagascar


The Problem

Madagascar is facing widespread deforestation and a loss of biodiversity. In addition, traditional farming methods often do not yield enough to sustain the communities. These and other factors contribute to poverty and malnutrition.

Despite the current situation, we see great potential in these areas as we strive to improve living conditions and care for Madagascar’s natural environment.

Our Work

What we do

Learn more about our current projects!

Planting Trees in Madagascar_thumbnail


At our site in central Madagascar, we have already planted over 10,000 trees with the help of volunteers.

Sustainable Farming in Madagascar_thumbnail


We provide training to the local community to pass on knowledge about sustainable living and other life skills.

Primary School at Tsimoka Madagascar


In our main building we run a school and a canteen for kids from the nearby area.

Spread the word!

Share our project with friends, colleagues, family – anyone who is interested in promoting sustainable living in Madagascar.

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